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Religion in Canada

Religion in Canada; A deeper look into stats of religion in Canada and its provinces

Religion is one of the essential aspects of every culture, and it plays a vital role all over the world. According to its demographic makeup, each country has its own religions and sects. However, religion in Canada is more diversified than in other countries.

Canada’s Religious Diversity

In fact, this country is one of the most popular destinations for immigrants. As a result, the country now boasts a diverse religious landscape. On the other side, the government has enacted numerous legislation to protect religious liberty. As a result, Canada is one of the most religiously free countries in the world.

As previously said, Canada is one of the most religiously free countries in the world. This country is a melting pot of world religions. However, we must acknowledge that Christianity remains the country’s largest religion. When Canada was founded, it was a British and French colony at the time. As a result, Christianity was recognized as the main religion in the area.

Many refugees sought sanctuary in Canada during World War II. The majority of these individuals were Asians. As a result, people of various religions came to this land with them. As a result, several religions, including Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, and Hinduism, have flourished in Canada.

Although the diversity of these religions has increased in recent years, religion’s effect on Canadians has decreased significantly. Approximately one-third of Canadians claim to have little or no religious affiliation. At the same time, there has been an increase in the level of disdain for religious differences. More than half of Canadians seem unconcerned about one another’s religious beliefs. Here are some of the religions in Canada:

Christianity as a religion in Canada

Christianity is one of the main religions in Canada, with a large number of adherents. According to recent polls, about 55% of Canadians identify as Christians. They are Catholics in 29 percent and Protestants in 18 percent. The others are members of other religious groups.

Of course, we must point you that in previous decades, this figure was significantly higher. More than 80% of were of Christianity religion in Canada as early as the twentieth century.

 These figures have changed as a result of the entry of different religions by immigrants, the conversion of followers of one religion, and, of course, the widespread expansion of persons without religion.

Christianity is a religion in Canada
Christianity is one of the religions in Canada

Islam in Canada

Islam is perhaps the largest minority religion in Canada. According to recent polls, approximately 3% of Canadians are Muslims. Of course, we must point you that this number is rising on a daily basis.

 The reason for the growth of this religion in Canada can be attributed to the high migration of Muslims from countries such as Iran and Afghanistan to Canada.

Islam is one of the religions in Canada

Buddhism in Canada

Immigrants from China and Japan were the first to introduce Buddhism to Canada. For the first time, they were Shinshu judo practitioners. However, additional Buddhists from Tibet, China, and Sri Lanka began to visit the country in the following decades. This broadened the scope of Buddhism in the country. It should be mentioned that Buddhist community, a religion in Canada, is extremely small and restricted.

Is Hinduism practiced in Canada?

Another minority religion in Canada is Hinduism. In general, Canada has two hubs for this faith. British Columbia is the first location. The state was a popular location for immigrants who arrived in the area around a century ago. The second core is a Toronto neighborhood where Hindu immigrants settled from 1940 to 1980. The first set of immigrants was mostly from India, while the second batch came from Sri Lanka

 Of course, Hinduism has attracted a large number of indigenous people. Krishna’s Hori movement had a strong influence on these people.

Hinduism is one of the religions in Canada

Is Judaism popular in Canada?

Another religion in Canada is the Jewish community. Following World War II, the number of Jews in this country increased dramatically. In a sense, the number of Jews in this country exploded. The majority of Canadian Jews are Ashkenazi. However, it can be seen in other ethnic groups, such as Sephardic and Mizrahi, as well as in this country. Quebec and Ontario are home to approximately all Jews.

Last words on Religions in Canada

The Government of Canada places great emphasis on its religious diversity. The current Prime Minister of Canada has repeatedly stated that religious diversity in this country is considered a cultural opportunity. On the other hand, the parliament of this country has passed different laws to support different religions.

In such a way people of any religion can enjoy all the benefits of citizenship. On the other hand, they can perform their religious rites without any restrictions. Of course, this is provided that it does not have any problems for the society.

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