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Saskatchewan History, not as peaceful as today’s corn fields!

Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Alberta were all extracted from Rupert’s Land in the 19th century. So, Saskatchewan history has similarities with the other mentioned provinces. But if you inspect the matter more closely, Saskatchewan history is closest to Manitoba history. They even share a famous figure, Louis Riel.

Saskatchewan’s history, like Manitoba’s, is relatively short, but it is definitely not plain. And of course, it is so peaceful now one may not imagine there had been rebellions in this very province. 

Historical sites of Saskatchewan

In the next part, we learn about some historical sites in Saskatchewan, Which played significant key roles throughout Saskatchewan history.

Tunnels of Moose Jaw

Tunnels of Moose Jaw are a series of tunnels under the city of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. There are many stories about these tunnels and how they affect Saskatchewan history; not all of them are verified to be accurate; some say they were made as a sanctuary for the Chinese during some anti-Chinese era, and there are legends about tunnels used by people to make and store alcohol during prohibition times. There are even claims that Al Capone, the infamous gangster, used these tunnels to smuggle booze. True or not, today, these tunnels serve as a historical attraction for the city and even Saskatchewan.

Moose Jaw Tunnels


Originally a settlement used by Metis people, in 1885, Batoche was the battlefield of the North-West Rebellion between Louis Riel and his Metis allies and government’s forces, resulting in Riel’s defeat; a turning point in Saskatchewan history. A few buildings, including the church, have been preserved since then, and today it’s a national historic site of Canada, designated in 1923.

Batoche, a souvenir of Saskatchewan history

Batoche, around 1885

Batoche, a souvenir of Saskatchewan History

Batoche, 2016

Final lines of Saskatchewan history

Saskatchewan’s history is not old, but it is interesting to read and know about. Though it is a calm and peaceful province with many agricultural features today, Saskatchewan history is not as calm at all. It has moments of rebellions and trials and regrettable decisions. Actually, so many things we can learn from!

 Here we get to the end of our article on Saskatchewan history; hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it.

If you are interested in other provinces’ history, check out other articles about them, and leave your feedback. We would be glad to know your opinion, anytime.

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