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universities of Canada

Universities of Canada; Top ones, tuition, and other things to know!

The universities of Canada have made a strong reputation in teaching and research. Canadian universities are ranked very highly in the universities rankings, and they proceed with gaining more worldwide reputation to attract elite students and train them to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Whether it’s for your bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. studies, you should always consider the top universities in Canada as they offer only the best in the World.

Top Universities of Canada

After targeting Canada’s universities for your studying, you need to know the country’s top universities. In this article, we will provide you with Canadian universities’ rankings and a full explanation of why they might be your ideal choice based on their tuition fees and other important factors.

University of Toronto

Different rankings have various methods of ordering the best universities, but one thing that is almost the same in all official ranking platforms like QS universities rankings and Times Higher Education is that the University of Toronto is the best one among the universities of Canada. It ranks 29 in the Global QS ranking. The general tuition fee for domestic students is $6,100 (year one and upper-year). The same expenses for international students are $59,320 (year 1) and $58,210 – 59,320 (upper-year). All fees are in Canadian currency for the academic year of 2022/23 and are subject to change.

University of Toronto, one of the universities of Canada

University of Toronto

McGill University

Located in Quebec, McGill University is ranked 35 in the global QS ranking and a total number of 31,581 students, including 10,013 international students, are studying at this University at the moment. The reason we put McGill as the second-best on our list is due to its remarkable quality of education and research success. Also, having one-third of students from over 150 countries makes it a widely international university. Although located in a French-speaking area, it offers coursework in English. 

The local and domestic tuition are separated for this University, with local tuition being 2,391 CAD and domestic 7,402 CAD for the academic year of 2022/23. The tuition fee for international students is more affordable compared to other universities of Canada being only 29,200 per year as of now.

University of British Columbia (UBC)

According to Times Higher Education, the University of British Columbia is the second-best University in Canada and 34th in the World. UBC is Well-known for allocating a significant amount in research funding between universities of Canada, reaching over $600 million a year. Consisting of two main campuses, UBC has a total of 56,921 students, with a notable number of them being international. 

Tuition for Canadians in UBC for this academic year (2022/23) is 5,646 CAD and 38,946 CAD for international students. The perk of studying at UBC is that researchers have been working with multiple other universities to create outstanding projects and yield great results.

University of British Columbia

Université de Montréal

Located in the Côte-des-Neiges neighborhood, Université de Montréal is ranked fourth in the universities of Canada and ranks 118th in the World according to QS ranking. It’s the best French University in Canada by far, with a major emphasis on French. Having extraordinary teams of researchers working on various subjects, Montréal University is undoubtedly a pioneer in research among Canadian Universities. 

Local tuition is 2,000 Canadian Dollars, and the charges for Domestic students are 7,500 CAD. The International students are obliged to pay 7,348 CAD for each session making it more affordable compared to other universities. The tuitions are allocated for the academic year of 2022/23 and are subject to change.

University of Alberta

Founded in 1908, the University of Alberta consists of 5 campuses, including the main one on North Campus, covering around 50 city blocks. Alberta University is also a public research university and has done multiple research projects on COVID-19. This University offers a wide range of categories, such as Business, arts, engineering, and medicine. Aside from the Saint-Jean campus, the courses on other campuses are all taught in English, like many other universities of Canada. 

One of the advantages of this University is cooperating with more than 400 schools and other organizations in research and teaching to be as effective as possible. As of the 2022/23 academic year, domestic students pay a tuition of 5,320 CAD, and international tuition is worth 20,398 CAD. 

McMaster University

Situated in Hamilton, Ontario, McMaster University is ranked 144th according to QS official ranking making it the 6th best in the universities of Canada on our list. By reputation, McMaster has attracted many elite students and reached excellence in numerous fields by the best and the brightest, including three Nobel Prize winners. The University includes six main sections – health sciences, engineering, science, humanities, social sciences, and Business – and the main language is English. 

The annual international tuition for this University is 22,471 CAD, and domestic students have to pay 5,966 CAD as tuition for the 2022/23 academic year.

University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo provides remarkable facilities for all its students and makes your money worth it. Located at the center of Canada’s technological hub, the University of Waterloo is a great place for students who are technology enthusiasts. Tuition is pretty affordable among universities of Canada, being 11,061 CAD a year as of 2022/23. 

This University is very popular among international students and especially Indian students. The University has six main divisions: arts, health science, environment, math, engineering, and science on three campuses. If you’re a tech person, this is your to-go University.

Western University

Located in London, Ontario, Western University is known for its remarkable academic schedule and exceptional student experience among the universities of Canada. It has numerous research concentrating on imaging, Philosophy of science, Neuroscience, etc. With an exquisite campus that is reminiscent of actual London, it has been attracting many students around the World. 

Western University ranks 203rd in QS University World ranking, making it the 8th best Canadian University. In Western, Domestic students are charged 9,028 CAD, and the international tuition is 18,985 CAD as of this academic year (2022/23).

Western University

Other than the Universities above, Queen’s University and the University of Calgary both are doing pretty great in regards to students being employed within six months of graduation.

Universities of Canada, Tuition Fees

on the table below you can learn more about different tuition fees for top universities of Canada.

List of Tuition Fees for Canadian Universities

Last Words on Canadian Universities

Universities of Canada have recently proved even more that they can easily be looked at as the best universities in the World in terms of teaching and research in various fields. They provide excellent opportunities for students from all over the World to take advantage of the high-quality facilities and be among the best and the brightest. International tuition is mostly higher compared to domestic tuition, but the different scholarships and funds surely make up for that. You can definitely find your suitable University among these.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about universities of Canada. You can check out other parts of our website if you are interested in VisitingImmigratingWorking, or Studying in Canada!

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