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Lunenburg Port, a reminder of Nova Scotia history

Nova Scotia History; unfolding tales of its history as stunning as its scenery.

Nova Scotia, one of the most beautiful provinces in Canada, is not only rich in natural blessings. Nova Scotia history is as long as Canada’s history. In the east of Canada, Nova Scotia was one of the first provinces that European voyagers discovered. 

The monuments of Nova Scotia history

Nova Scotia is also loaded with historic sites, worth visiting. Here we take a look at some notable ones:

Citadel Hill

Halifax was founded in 1749 during the heat of war between Britain and the French, which was a turning point in Nova Scotia history. A fort was erected on Citadel Hill to keep up with the French Louisbourg Fort. Four fortifications in total were built on Citadel Hill. The historic site we see today is how the citadel looked in 1869 (In the 1990s, it was renovated to its Victorian appearance). Although it never experienced war, these fortifications and Halifax, in general, had an important strategic role during the next conflicts with the French.

Citadel Hill, Halifax, a token of Nova Scotia history

Citadel Hill, Halifax

Daily Gun-Firing, Citadel Hill, Halifax, showing history of Nova Scotia

Daily Gun-Firing, Citadel Hill, Halifax

Fortress of Louisbourg

The French settlement, Havre à l’Anglois, was established in 1713, and from 1720 to 1740, surrounding walls were built. In the 1740s, it was named Louisburg, after Louis XIV of France. In 1745 Louisbourg was captured by the British, but they returned it in 1748 due to a treaty. In 1758, during the Seven Years’ War, the British seized Louisburg again, and this time to avoid the French from obtaining it back, their engineers systematically took down the fort. Capturing Louisbourg was a notable victory, helping the British capture Quebec in the following skirmishes.

In the 1960s and 70s, using the original stonework, a quarter of Louisburg was rebuilt, and today it’s become one of the national historic sites of Canada, representing Nova Scotia history.

Louisbourg Fort, a souvenir of Nova Scotia history

Louisbourg Fort

Louisbourg Fort

Louisbourg Fort


Eye catching and breath taking town of Lunenburg was founded in 1753 by the British to settle Protestants in Nova Scotia. Lunenburg prospered from the fishery mostly, and in the 1800s, became what we can see these days. Being in Lunenburg is like walking through Nova Scotia history as Its urban planning and design mostly remain the same as how it was in the 1800s, making it a unique place, enough to convince UNESCO to count it as a World Heritage site. 

Lunenburg Port, a reminder of Nova Scotia history

Lunenburg Port

Lunenburg Academy

Lunenburg Academy

Last words on Nova Scotia history

Nova Scotia’s history is as long as Canada’s history, and even the shootout incident in recent years could not stain the beauty of this province. Here we finish our article, hoping that you enjoyed reading and learning about it.

If you are interested in other provinces’ history, check our other articles about them, and leave your feedback. We would be glad to know your opinion, anytime.

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