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About us

We make your journey easier

We gather all information you require, in one place. All you need is: Let's Go Canadaya!

Helping people around the world. is a smart information hub built on an innovative concept; a young team of experts have come together to provide useful information on three main parts: about Canada, going to Canada, and living in Canada to help Canada lovers all around the world.

Built on first-hand experience

Driven by the idea of a newcomer who has been through all the challenges of immigration and nesting in his new home, Canadaya started its journey from a sapling of an idea, to a fully fledged start-up.

Our mission is your peace of mind

Canadaya’s mission is to help anyone and everyone in need of information regarding Canada.

Future is forged upon your trust

Our vision is for all newcomers and immigrants to have our app on their phone, and be sure that Canadaya suffices all their information needs.

Canada made easy for everyone

Our value is to make the process of obtaining information easier by gathering all information about Canada and coming to Canada in one place, to make it simple for our audience.

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60 Pioneer Ave., Halifax, NS,
B3M4R7 Canada

+1 902 955 91 21

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