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rent a car in canada

Rent a vehicle in Canada in 2023, An Excellent And Comprehensive Experience.

When exploring the vast landscapes and vibrant cities of Canada, renting a vehicle can provide you with the freedom and flexibility to make the most of your journey. Whether you’re planning a cross-country road trip, a scenic drive through the Rockies, or simply need a reliable mode of transportation during your stay, the process of renting a vehicle in Canada offers convenience and accessibility. In this guide, we’ll delve into the essential aspects of renting a vehicle in Canada, including the types of vehicles available, the rental process, important considerations, and tips to ensure a smooth and enjoyable rental experience. Whether you’re a traveler seeking adventure or a local in need of temporary wheels, renting a vehicle in Canada opens up a world of possibilities.



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How does renting a vehicle work in Canada?

Almost everywhere in Canada, you will be able to rent a car. There are offices of major car rental companies at cities, towns and airports across the country, including Avis, Hertz, and National.


    Key takeaways

  • Almost everywhere in Canada, you will be able to rent a car: Major car rental companies like Avis, Hertz, and National have offices in cities, towns, and airports across the country, ensuring wide availability.
  • Preparing to rent a car in Canada involves understanding your travel needs, comparing rental options, and ensuring you have the necessary documents and information: This step is crucial to ensure a seamless rental process.
  • To rent a car in Canada, you need to meet specific requirements: These include a minimum age of 21, a valid driver’s license, an International Driver’s Permit for non-English or French-speaking licenses, a passport, a return airline ticket, a credit card for the deposit, and matching names on your license and credit card.
  • Rental insurance in Canada: Generally, renters are covered by their personal insurance policies, eliminating the need for additional auto insurance. However, this might vary for renters from other countries.
  • Where to rent a car in Canada: Based on KAYAK car searches, Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver are popular choices for car rentals.
  • Renting a vehicle as a foreigner in Canada: Foreigners can rent cars in Canada, provided they have a valid driver’s license in either English or French, or an International Driver’s Permit. They should also adhere to specific guidelines for using their foreign license in Canada.
  • Costs and Taxes in renting a vehicle in Canada: Renting a car in Canada involves considering rental costs, additional fees, and applicable taxes to budget effectively.
  • Average cost of renting a car in Canada: The average weekly cost of renting a car in Canada is around C$370 (C$53 per day).
  • Tips to avoid expensive car rental: Conduct thorough research, compare rental companies, check your existing insurance coverage, inspect the vehicle, read the rental contract, and return the car during open hours to prevent unnecessary charges.
  • Optimal timing for renting a car: Arriving early in the day and booking in advance are recommended for securing a wider selection of vehicles and potentially lower prices.

Preparing to rent a car in Canada

Preparing to rent a car in Canada involves understanding your travel needs, comparing rental options, and ensuring you have the necessary documents and information to make the process seamless.

What do you need to rent a car in Canada?

  1. A minimum age of 21 is required.
  2. For a non-English or French-speaking license, you must present a valid driver’s license and an International Driver’s Permit. It is still necessary to have your original driver’s license with you if you have an international licence.
  3. You may have to present your passport and a return airline ticket when you pick up the car.
  4. Car rental in Canada is impossible without a credit card for the deposit.
  5. You must have the same name on your driver’s license and credit card.
  6. Taking kids on a trip – Children under 18 kg need a child seat that is fastened with a seatbelt. For an additional fee, most car rental companies will provide one with a bit of notice.


Do I need insurance to rent a car?

In Generally, renters are covered by their personal insurance policies in Canada, so an additional auto insurance policy is not necessary. You may find that the process for renting a car from another country works differently, since this is only applicable to Canadian residents.

Do I need my own insurance to rent a car in Canada?

In Canada, many car rental companies offer insurance options, but whether you need your own insurance depends on the specific terms and policies of the rental agency you choose.

Where should I rent a car in Canada?

Based on KAYAK car searches, Toronto (32% of total car hire searches in Canada were made in Toronto), Calgary (28%), and Vancouver (13%).

Renting a vehicle if you are a foreigner

Renting a vehicle as a foreigner in Canada allows you to explore the country’s stunning landscapes and vibrant cities with the convenience of your own transportation.

Can foreigners rent a car in Canada?

Yes, Foreigners can rent cars in Canada, but their situation is different from the natives.

If a foreigner has a legitimate driver’s license in either English or French, or an international license that is good for 90 days and is valid for the sort of vehicle regarded for rental, they are permitted to borrow a car in Canada.

Their home nation driver’s identification is legitimate, current, and has a picture on it. An International Driver’s Permit is advised in addition to the driver’s license from the native country if the license is not in English or French and the characters are in English. An International Driver’s Permit or its counterpart is needed if the license does not use an English-style alphabet (this is for translation needs). The actual driver’s license must be carried along with the certificate.)

How can a foreigner drive in Canada in a rented car ?

When you arrive in Canada, you can probably use your home country’s driving license for a short period of time.

A legitimate passport may be required as a backup form of identity when checking out. Typically, you have up to 90 days to use your foreign license. J

Do I need an international driving Licence to hire a car in Canada?

It is mandatory that international visitors present their valid license from their country of residence when visiting Canada or the USA. It is recommended that you obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP) if your driver’s license is written in a language other than English for U.S. rentals or French for Canadian rentals.

Costs and Taxes in renting a vehicle in Canada

When renting a vehicle in Canada, it’s important to consider factors such as rental costs, additional fees, and applicable taxes to accurately budget for your transportation needs.

How much does it cost to rent a car in Canada?

The average cost of renting a car in Canada is C$ 370 per week (C$ 53 per day).

How do I avoid expensive car rental?

In advance

  • Make sure you check the BBB’s record before renting. By finding out how many complaints they have received, you will be able to make a more informed decision.
  • Check out the rates from different rental companies on the internet to do some price-shopping. Beware of deals that seem too good to be true, which are usually accompanied by taxes and surcharges.
  • The first thing you should do is to check to see if you are already covered for rental vehicles by your personal car insurance policy or a credit card policy before purchasing rental insurance from the car company. Those looking for information should contact their existing car insurance company or credit card company, according to the Canadian Consumer Handbook, written by a joint federal and provincial committee.

It may be a good idea for frequent renters to add rental insurance to their existing insurance policy or credit card policy. Using a credit card to pay for a rental is allowed only if the card is used to pay for the rental.

During the rental process

  • Even if the rental company has already inspected the vehicle, you should conduct a thorough inspection before driving away.
  • Delaney suggested that the inspection should be conducted with a company agent, which she would insist upon. An illustration of the car model should be provided to the representative. Before renting the vehicle, ensure that any damage is documented on the damage report.
  • You should take pictures of the car’s condition, including any scratches or dents it may already have. Make sure the car runs smoothly by starting it.
  • Be sure to read the rental contract and ask lots of questions so you understand what you are paying for. As a result, you won’t be charged for insurance if you already have coverage, and you won’t be forced to pay for add-ons you don’t need.

Once you’ve rented

  • It is better to return the car and drop off the keys during the rental office’s open hours rather than after closing time, said Delaney. A representative will then be able to inspect the vehicle with you for any damage.
  • To prove that the car was not damaged, Delaney suggests taking photos of the car when you drop it off if you can’t bring it back during open hours.


Is it cheaper to rent a car for a week rather than a few days?

In some cases, renting for just the days you need the vehicle is the cheapest, in other cases, renting for a week is the cheapest if you only need the vehicle for a few days. You should check both before booking-just make sure there are no early return fees charged by the rental car company.

The best time to rent a car

We’ll provide insights into the optimal timing for renting a car in Canada.

Is it better to rent a car in the morning or afternoon?

Arrive at the car rental agency early in the day. Before noon, you’re more likely to find a wider selection of vehicles at a lower price.

Is it better to rent a car ahead of time or at the airport?

It is very important to arrive at the scheduled time when you reserve a vehicle in advance.

What are the best days to rent cars?

Weekends are the best! There is generally a shortage of inventory throughout the week due to a greater demand for car rentals. In the absence of inventory, the price of what is available may rise. Since most people do not need a car on the weekend, the weekend is the best time to rent a car.

Rent a car in a safe way

Ensure a safe rental experience by thoroughly inspecting the vehicle, checking for maintenance records, and choosing a reputable rental agency when you rent a car in Canada.

How can I avoid getting scammed on a rental car?

Ask friends, family members, colleagues, or business associates for recommendations. It is likely that these people will be able to help you find a reputable company if they have ever rented a car before. A reliable vehicle rental company can be found this way. Online reviews are also available.

What should I be careful of when renting a car?

  1. Make sure you understand your current coverage for rental cars by contacting your insurance provider and your credit card travel protection.
  2. You can purchase supplemental rental car coverage when you purchase your travel insurance.
  3. See if you’re covered for rental cars where you’re going with your road service provider.
  4. In your carry-on, keep a small flashlight or headlamp handy. This will help you explore your rental car at night if you pick it up at night.
  5. Keeping a camera with a flash in your carry-on is also a good idea.

How do I make sure my rental is legit?

You can check if other people have had a bad experience with the rental car company by searching for the company’s name and words like “scam,” “complaint,” or “review.”

Contact the company directly to verify deals. Visit the company’s official website to find contact information if you need customer support. Make sure you don’t rely on a search engine result. In search results, scammers can pay to place sponsored ads, so that they appear at the top or next to sponsored ads.

Don’t use gift cards or prepaid debit cards if you can avoid it. Charges on credit cards can be challenged, but prepaid debit cards and gift cards disappear like cash. You lose the money as soon as you give the number and PIN to a scammer.

Is there a cost involved in returning my rented car?

Your vehicle hire reservation can be cancelled without penalty up to 48 working hours before pick-up.

All bookings for car rentals made through Canada’s car hire search engine come with this cancellation security.

Naturally, up to 48 working hours prior to pick-up, you are free to make adjustments to your reservation (pick-up and return days, vehicle type, etc.).

When less than 48 hours remain before pick-up, reservations cannot be changed or revoked.

renting a motorcycle in Canada

Renting a motorcycle in Canada offers an exhilarating way to explore the stunning landscapes and scenic routes of the country.

How old do you have to be to rent a motorcycle in Canada?

A minimum age of 16 is required

What do you need to ride a motorcycle in Canada?

A valid vehicle registration and a proper licence plate must be attached to the rear of your motorcycle or moped. It is also necessary to have liability insurance. When a police officer asks to see your driver’s license, registration, and insurance card, keep them on hand.

How much does it cost to rent a motorcycle in Canada?

In general, motorcycle rental rates range between $75 and $250 per day and $500 and $1500 per week. Various factors affect rental prices, such as the type of bike you choose and the location. Accessories are also included in rental prices.

renting a caravan in Canada

Renting a caravan in Canada allows travelers to embark on a unique and adventurous journey while enjoying the comforts of a home on wheels.

What Do You Need to Rent a Rv?

Most renting companies only ask that you have a major credit card and a legitimate driver’s licence in order to reserve an RV. It’s crucial to remember that interim permits are frequently not accepted.

Is Canada RV friendly?

In fact, yes. The Canadian Border has been opened up to motorists and RV drivers driving between these two countries.

Is it cheaper to rent or own an RV?

If Compared to purchasing an RV, renting an RV makes more financial sense if you’ll only use it once or twice a year

How much does it cost to rent RV Canada?

It is typical for RVs to cost between $95 and $175 per night or between $600 and $950 per week. A pickup truck may be necessary, depending on features and the season. The RV dealer can advise you on what type of vehicle is most suitable for towing.

How much is it to hire a van in Canada?

Across Canada, a Van rental costs an average of C$121. In January, you can rent a van at a low price in Canada.

Is it cheaper to hire a van or a man and van?

Because removal companies offer a variety of services, it is not surprising that they are more expensive than a man and a van. You are better off hiring a man and van service if you have a limited budget or are moving on a budget.

Can you hire a campervan in Canada?

For as little as $64 per night, you can hire a campervan during certain seasons.

renting a truck to move within Canada

Which moving truck rental is best for long distance?

  • The best overall truck rental company is Penske Truck Rental
  • Truck rental at the lowest rates in your area with Budget Truck Rental
  • Availability of U-Haul is the best
  • Most truck sizes are available at Enterprise Truck Rental
  • Renting a truck from Home Depot is the best option for quick moves

Can I cross the Canadian border with a moving truck?

Driving a moving truck from the U.S. to Canada

The Canadian government still allows citizens, permanent residents, and people who meet entry requirements to enter Canada because moving is considered essential business. It is possible, however, that you will be required to undergo quarantine once you arrive. Get an overview of the current Canadian border measures and requirements.

What is the cheapest way to move within Canada?

1) Transport your belongings with a moving container

You can save money by renting a moving container (such as a BigSteelBox) instead of hiring a full-service moving company. You can also save money on your move with BigSteelBox since we offer three price levels (Economy, Standard, and Expedited). Additionally, you can pack your items at your own pace and take your time. Moreover, renting a portable storage container for your move allows you to leave the transportation and driving to someone else.

2) Move across Canada with a truck rental

If The cheapest way to move a 1-bedroom apartment or condo with minimal furniture is to rent a moving truck. If The BigSteelBox moving container is an affordable, flexible, and less stressful alternative to moving two or more bedrooms.

3) Use a full-service moving company

In terms of long distance moving, this is the most expensive option, but it requires the least amount of effort on your part. When you hire full-service movers, you should be aware that they typically charge by weight, and their quotes may be based on a lighter load than what you actually have. You can always expect your final bill to be much higher than your original estimate because of this.

What Cannot be moved in a moving truck?

Among the hazardous items are paint thinner, nail polish, SCUBA tanks, weed killer, household batteries, car batteries, charcoal lighter fluid, fire extinguishers, loaded guns, matches, fertilizer, chemistry sets, propane tanks, lamp oils, liquid bleach, fireworks, aerosols, pool chemicals, fertilizer, gasoline, and more…

When is the cheapest day to rent a moving truck?


It is best to rent a moving truck during the winter on a Tuesday in the middle of the month. Renting a moving truck at this time will be the cheapest.

You may also ask:

Can I rent a car in Canada and cross the border?

Renting a car in the U.S. and taking it to Canada is possible at many Budget locations. In order to rent a car in Canada, you will need a Canadian non-resident insurance card, which indicates you have Canadian auto insurance.

Can I drive a rental car across the border?

Renting a vehicle in the US is usually possible throughout the US and Canada. There are some vehicle types that cannot be driven outside of the United States, such as exotics, large passenger vans, and cargo vans. If you have any questions about cross-border restrictions, please contact the rental location directly.

Does Canada Check my car at the border?

An officer of the CBSA may examine you to determine your admissibility if you are visiting or returning to Canada. You must declare any goods or vehicles you bring across the border.

What happens if I return the rental car 1 hour late?

If I am late returning the rental car, will there be an additional charge? Daily rentals generally have a grace period of 29 minutes. Additional hourly charges will apply if the vehicle is returned within 2 128 hours of the time it was rented.

How many miles a day can I rent a car?

Depending on the rental company, limits may vary. A typical day’s mileage varies between 20 miles/30km and 250 miles/400km. You should be able to see the number of miles/km your deal includes in the Terms and Conditions of your booking before and after booking.

Can I rent a car and drop it at a different location?

Do you have the option of renting a car from a different location and returning it there? It is possible to rent a car and drop it off at a different location after renting it.

Can you rent a car and drive to another province?

Book a one-way car rental at any rental site across Canada if you need to pick up and return your car at different locations.

Is renting a vehicle complicated?

It differs for different situations but overall, No.

rent a vehicle in canada

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