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Canadian passport

Most people consider moving to Canada because it is the nation with the highest rate of immigration in the world. In the upcoming years, the Canadian government plans to open its doors to an increasing number of immigrants. By 2025, it’s anticipated that it will welcome approximately 500,000 new residents—the largest ever in a single year.

Some people refer to Canada as the land of opportunities because of the favorable circumstances it offers, including job opportunities, high-quality education, free healthcare, an open-door policy toward immigration, a population that is diverse and multi-cultural, safety, a stable political system, and a thriving economy.

One of the biggest concerns of immigrants is how to get to the desired country. However, to enter Canada, you can use one of the more than 100 immigration plan that are now available. Moreover, you won’t face any limitations for going to Canada, especially those concerning your race and culture. Now lots of people from more than 200 countries, different races, religions, and cultures consider Canada as their own home.