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Concerns about health are shared globally, with different countries adopting diverse approaches to healthcare. Global health is all about looking after everyone’s health and wellbeing worldwide, not just treating certain sicknesses. It includes things like making sure people can get medical help, having safe living conditions and a good quality of life. 

In Canada, a publicly funded healthcare system takes precedence, striving to offer accessible and comprehensive medical services to all residents. This system is structured to guarantee that vital health services, such as hospital care and physician services, are accessible to citizens without direct charges at the point of use. 

Public health care includes dental and eye care, as well as hospital services in Canada. The focus is on making sure that everyone can receive basic medical care without worrying about the cost. Mental health is also a significant part of Canada’s public health system, contributing to the country’s overall efforts to keep its people healthy and happy.

To gain a deeper understanding of Canada’s evolving healthcare system, explore the following articles for additional insights and information on this essential aspect of Canadian society.